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Condensation on bottom inside pane, not between glass, with new energikare windows

Ive just had energiKare fitted for about a week now and already having heavy condensation inside our rooms, not in between the glass pane but on the bottom inside pane. We did ask for A rating energy. Is this normal?

Also there is only one vent on the window panel which is 240cm wide with 3 windows opening (one on top and 2 side opening).

Your help will be much appreciated in this matter


1 Answer from a MyBuilder Window & Door Fitter

You need to get a humidity detector (amazon) see what level the humidity is.
Then work on getting it down to a normal level.
Make sure your kitchen and bathroom have good mechanical ventilation, exhausting outside. Then buy a dehumidifier.
As for trickle vents on replacement windows, they're only required by b.r when floor space exceeds something like 8m2(Per room).



Answered 14th Oct 2014

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