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Hinges on fire windows on top floor - are the fixed incorrectly

Hi I had my windows done a year ago. When you fully open the top ones they spring back until there is only a gap of so many inches. Recently my tenant broke a hinge and got it replaced, but now you can open it fully and it doesn't spring back (not fast).

Has this been fixed incorrectly ? Is there a reason the top floor fire windows hinges spring back ?

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hello all fire hinges have a lever on the hinge to open fully you push the lever and slide the window open, to close simply push the window shut


Answered 29th Dec 2014

There should be a tiny gold colour screw in the hinge. When tightened this will cause friction and allow the window to stay where you push it too.
Do not do it up too tight


Answered 26th Mar 2018

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