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How to recognise if windows are self cleaning?

Just had obscure self cleaning glass fitted in with new double glazing. Asked the fitter how can you tell it is in fact self cleaning and he did not know! Rather worrying.
Can anyone advise please?

In answer to Lifeshine property services answer of 28th Sept -
Many thanks - yes it was a well known double glazing company in the West Yorkshire region. Would never recommend them to anyone now.

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Hi self clean glass has a slight filming on the outside, surely the fitter should know this?? Was it a company you used?
Self clean glass shows finger prints quite easily but if you can touch the glass on the outside then do that to see if there's a filming to it .. Or rub your finger in the corner and it should show up because the part you rub should bring off the film


Answered 28th Sep 2014

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