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What is the cause of condensation on the inside of 20+ year old double glazed windows?

My house is fitted with double glazed windows which were installed approx 23 years ago. During the winters months and very damp morning there is a lot of condensation of the inside face of the windows on all the windows both upstairs and downstairs.

The roof and cavity wall insulation have both been done in the last few years and since then the condensation build has gotten worse. There is a vent in one of the bedrooms but no other vents throughout the house.

Is the problem due to the lack of ventilation or is it a possibility that the gas between inner and outer glazing has failed.

Thoughts/solutions on the above would be appreciated.

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Condensation can be a major problem in some properties. New glass units filled with argon gas will help, but the condensation problem needs dealing with.
These are the factors which help;
Have plenty of ventilation.
An air vent in each room will help.
Have extractor vans in bathrooms and kitchens
Do not dry clothing indoors
Close the kitchen door when cooking.
I hope this helps.


Answered 29th Feb 2016

Ask local glazer or window specialist to fitt on to all windows regulated wents,check if extractors fans working properly and this should resolve problem.If not then hire ventilation engineer to check what can create all this mess.Good luck


Answered 18th Dec 2014

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