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Hello to all you roofliners.whats the going rate per meter for replacement fascias and gutters im getting what i think is overpriced rates

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the cost all depends on size of fascias and soffits as they vary greatly as with the gutters they can also vary according to style so you dont necessarily get a "going rate" it also depends on accessability i hope this helps


Answered 27th Feb 2011

There are 2 ways to replace the fascia. The cheap way, from ladders and nail plastic onto your existing fascia or the preferred way, which is to remove the damaged fascia and replace with a row or two of tiles removed to allow the roofline to be inspected and repaired as needed. The second option is the dearer one as scaffold is required. Ask how your roofline is to be repaired, overcladded or replaced.


Answered 27th Feb 2011

need to know how much you've been priced then we can tell you if its fair or not ,if you think its too much then best suggestion is do it yourself
regards mitch


Answered 27th Feb 2011

45 mtr or £112 mtr as above


Answered 27th Feb 2011

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