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Double glazing units cloud over when exposed to warm sunlight

Four west-facing windows are fitted with double glazed units. When exposed to warm sunlight, the units cloud over but clouding does not occur on those areas of the window which is in shadow. What is the problem and is there a remedy?

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Hello , as mentioned the seals have gone . The best solution is new double glazed units , when I changed glass I measure them in place however a better way for the DIY is to measure them is to remove the beads and measure the old unit exact including the thickness . Please be carful doing this if in Any doubt call in a professional .

Also remember to pack the dgu ( double glazed unit ) up off the rail/style , so any water that gets passed the rubber seal doesn't sit and effect the glass seal and can drain away through the weep holes . Would be worth checking and cleaning these.

If timber windows with external wooden beads then the weep holes are located on the bottom bead

Hope this helps


Answered 20th Sep 2014

What is happening is you are having condensation build up within the 2 panes of glass this is because along edges the seal has come undone, very common problem with older windows.


Answered 20th Sep 2014

In answer to your question the only remedy is replacement of the glass units.


Answered 20th Sep 2014

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