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Coping tile cement mix

Is there a recognised cement mix for relaying coping tiles. I see some that have recently been done and the mortar line gives the game away they are invariably to light when it is all dry is there a way or mix to darken the colour of the mix or is there a special sand ?

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if using traditional sand and cement mix you can add a cement dye in a wide range of colours, the difference you see on other properties may be that sand and cement hasn't been used but instead a specific ridge tile bedding mortar which is specially designed to last longer than the traditional sand and cement by fairing better through harsh weather conditions ( you can also add cement dyes to this too )


Answered 16th Oct 2014

Hello , you can mix as normal and add cement dyes , cementone is a popular make with a wide variety of colours .

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Answered 20th Sep 2014

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