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How long does it take for a tradesmen to provide a written quote?

I posted an ad to get my bathroom refurbished five days ago. Seven tradesmen have shown interest in the job. Two have visited and have not provided either a written or verbal quote. Further two tradesmen have proved a
rough estimate even though they have not seen the job. I found myself having to chase the tradesmen which I find irritating as I had assumed that they would be interested and more importantly would like to give everyone a fair shot of winning the work. What's going on, am doing something wrong? My plan was to also refurbish the kitchen, after the bathroom - so the tradesman would have also been given this job to do!

@Nestbuilder - I never doubted that builders work hard. It's not a matter of giving credit. It's more a matter of managing the customers expectation by letting them know when they can expect to receive a quote and promise that you will be visiting and not turn up. With regards to waiting two weeks for a verbal/written quote then this is simply not acceptable for a bathroom refit ~ it's not like I'm asking for a loft conversion or rebuild.

@Pro Finishing Services - didn't mention anything about being on a tight budget. Just need an honest quote based on their evaluation. The most important thing for me is the tradesman competence then costs. My final decision will not be based on getting the cheapest quote.

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hi. sorry to hear about your bad experience with some bad builers, I can assure you that not all builders are the same. back to your question , I have been fitting kitchen and bathroom for circa 10 years , 99/100 of my written quotes are emailed within 24 hours, as for verbal ones are submitted during site visi.
yours in MYBUILDER


Answered 7th Aug 2011

if he's got tape mesure, and if you told him exactly what you want in your bathroom, it shouldn't takle him more than 10 minutes


Answered 7th Aug 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

Regarding your question I will try to answer.

Just to clarify, I'm not involved in this project. Tradesmen on this website are not big building corporations, indeed we are small companies, usually having up to 10 man labour. That means we have to work very often long hours and coming back home very late. That includes meeting clients after working hours as well. In this lifestyle, we have to manage to find time in office to evaluate your projects fully.

I'll give you an example: last week I had 6 meetings with potential clients, I have informed them that quotation will take me up to 2 weeks to be ready.

Please be very patient and give us more credit, we work very hard to meet our client’s expectations.

All best

Tomasz Lelewski


Answered 9th Aug 2011

Did you say ' WE are on a tight budget' often when clients meet trades this is the first thing that makes tradesmen either price themselves out of the work or not quote at all. I'm not saying you don't have the money, of course you do or you wouldn't be asking for quotes. The problems occur when extra work is found and not estimated, problems arise around payment because it is not mentioned in the quote. IE, shower has been leaking when tiles are removed, extra costs involved in remedial repairs, would you pay it or expect it to be done?
If the fitter had quoted an allowance in his quote for remedial work and not found any would you be removing this money from his final bill?
You need to establish exactly what you want and what you are willing to pay for.
If you say the right things you will get the right quotes.
Some clients on this site ask for tiling do be done at a realistic price, non of this £20 per metre stuff!!!
Establish what your budget is and exactly what you will have done. Don't expect more or less, have everyone on the same page and try to maintain a working relationship.


Answered 8th Aug 2011

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