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How much does it cost to replace electrical ovens?

We need two replacements.
A new oven(hard wiring needed) will replace an existing one; then use the exising one to replace a failed oven at a different property.

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If the oven is of a similar rating or less than the existent one is a pretty straightforward job which shouldnt take more than one hour and cost more than 50-60 pounds. But there are some question marks.
First, according to the regs, for the electrical appliances you need a so called spur, which is basically an isolated (protected by a fuse) switch on the electrical circuit that powers up the oven . Your oven have a spur or not?
The fuseboard that powers up the kitchen appliances should be an RCD 17th Edition compliant one. Sometimes you can bend some regs but never broke them, there are peoples life at risk.
Basically what needs to be done is an assessment first, explain to the customer what it needs to be done (remedial work if necessary) and do the job. In certain situations, the spur can be made RCD aware locally, without changing the fuseboard or the main fuse in-charge with the kitchen circuit.


Answered 9th Aug 2011

Just to add to Robert C,if there are no amendments to the original wiring to install the new oven, then an RCD is not required. Most single ovens are now fitted with a moulded 13A plug top and can be plugged into a socket outlet. This still complies with the fuse rating and no "so called spur" is required.If the ovens are of similar ratings, then it is a case of like for like although a minor works certificate should be provided to ensure that the circuit has been tested as safe.


Answered 26th Aug 2011

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