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Problem with split spindle upvc door lock

i had my front door so that it locked when closed and could only be opened by a key. i have taken the door handles off and now when i put it back together it opens from both sides with the handle, how do i change it back so it locks when closed from the outside
one spindle which is split.
Both spindles have c clips on end and one spindle is slightly smaller than the other.could be FUHR lock
also noticed inside handle is dropping down .
Many thanks appreciate the advice you were right
the c clip had left the groove put it back in the groove and it worked for a couple of goes then the c clip moved again.
so will buy a new set from e bay.
Thanks again

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Hello there . As above where the circlip is fitted on the spindle ( should be in a little slot) there is a short length of spindle sticking out which isn't covered by spring .

If one side is dropping down then one suggestion is to swap them around .

Check the circlips again make sure both 'nubs' are the same length . It is a bit fiddly a new set of spindles are around £3 on eBay for fuhr ones .

Hope this helps


Answered 20th Sep 2014

Is their one or two spindles?
What brand is the locking mechanism?
If there's a c-clip and a spring on one side, the spring side goes to the out side, you need to line it up just right. They are very fiddly.


Answered 19th Sep 2014

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