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Hi i am going to fix my 42" flat screen tv on the wall using a tv wall bracket , what would be the best wall fixing to use to put up the bracket onto a double plasterboarded wall

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It would be best to fix it into the stud work, or block work that's behind the plasterboard. If it's a stud wall, usually you would either put noggings in the wall or buy a bracket that has lots of fixing points so you can position the bracket, so you pick up the studs in the wall to fix it. If it's block/brick, you can just drill straight into that and bolt or screw it into that.

I wouldn't advise fixing it directly to the plasterboard.

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Answered 6th Aug 2011

Hi I would not put the tv on this wall as you will be relying on the plasterboard thickness to hold the weight of the tv. The only way to put it on this wall would be to locate and fix through the timbers behind the plasterboard.


Answered 6th Aug 2011

use metal plasterboard fixings,there is no way the tele would fall down,(unless the whole plasterboard sheet falls down!)they are used to hang kitchen cupboards


Answered 21st Aug 2011

Fixing to a stud is always best ,
If none directly in the location you wish ,
You could paint sheet of mdf the same colour as the wall ,
Take the sharp edge of the sheet of mdf with a small bevel( this takes the eye of it and makes it not so noticeable )

Run a Chanel in the plasterboard to get all your cables and so up put them in a box conduit this will make replacing ,adding or updating easier
Cut a small hole behind where tv will be hung on mdf ,
Pull cables through and fix the mdf to wall you should be fixing to at least four studs this way .
Two part fill the screw heads.
Use toggle fixings through the mdf and plasterboard as well as m6 thread fixings


Answered 11th Oct 2017

your best bet is to try and pick up the studs there are various types of cavity fixings on the market.


Answered 6th Aug 2011

Use a product called geefix. These are designed for fixing heavy loads onto stud walls. I’ve used them all over my house they’re fantastic


Answered 11th Aug 2020

If you cannot screw into the timber stud work and If it’s a double thickness plasterboard wall then large toggle fixings will do the job or geefix fixings are very good.


Answered 13th Jan 2021

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