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Window opening in brickwork, lintel/damp proofing/waterproof membrane

About 4 years ago we had the lintel above our living room window replaced, as we have soldier bricks above the window and they had started to sag. A short time later we also had a new window fitted. Following this the plaster at the top of the internal window return started to belly or sag. We have recently investigated this further and have found that it is some sort of felt or membrane that is wrapped round the lintel and "blousing" so therefore there is not a flat surface to plaster on to. Is this felt or whatever it is meant to be a waterproof membrane that wraps round the lintel and goes out to the external wall between the lintel and window frame? If so ours stops at the internal edge of the window frame and I'm guessing is therefore useless. I need to know if this needs replacing or if it is redundant as we are looking to have plantation shutters fitted, which can't really be removed if the window starts to leak etc. Many thanks

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from what you have discribed you have a cavity tray on the wrong brick course this shoud be above the lintol not on it
if this on the internal part of the lintol first it has no use and second you cannot plaser a surface that is not static. you need to remove the plaster that is live cut back what ever is stoping the plasted from bonding and replaster if it helps we do this (what is your post code


Answered 3rd Apr 2017

What you are descibing sounds like a cavety tray Which in efect is a wde piece of damp course that will be bedded into half on the internal brickwork Then stretched over the lintel and the soldier course will be bedded on the same way Creating a diagonal barrier that catches any water that soaks through the brickwork and lets it flow out of the pvc weap holes on the edge of your lintel
Hope this helps Gary


Answered 18th Sep 2014

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