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Imprinted concrete is stained by mud

I had my driveway done with imprinted concrete back in December 2010. The workman had some personal problems and although the driveway was laid prior to Christmas, it was not sealed nor had expansion joints put in, until May this year, this was after a lot of pushing from us.

Everything appeared fine and we paid him the full amount we owed. However, we have recently been doing work in our garden and have naturally trod mud and dirt down the drive. We now can't get the mud and dirt off the drive, we've tried brushing it and jetwashing several times and it won't come off - any ideas? Does the time lapse between the drive being finished and sealed have any effect?

Thanks in advance.

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Remove dirt stains by hosing them off with water. Use a power washer for stains from soil or mud. Use a light soap solution if plain water does not remove the dirt stain. You can also use hydrochloric acid mixed with water, if plain water and soap do not work. Use sodium orthophosphate mixed with hot water to scrub off the dirt stain that comes from clay. Rinse with water thoroughly after scrubbing.


Answered 9th Aug 2011

once you have cleaned it off get it re-sealed, this should be done every few years anyway, there are 3 finishes, matt, semi gloss (satin) and gloss, from what you say the drive may not have been sealed enough, how many applications of sealer were used? get a reputable pressed concrete firm to seal it properly after you have cleaned it.


Answered 16th Jan 2012

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