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Foundation depth for edwardian conservatory with 2 wall 600mm and 1wall 1650mm built on clay soil with oak tree 40ft away from conservatory

would like help on the above as i am getting confliction advice, are their any guide lines on conservatory building in relation to foundations on clay soil with trees in the garden
Many thanks for any advice

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Good afternoon
Sadly there are not guidelines for depth of footings for permitted development conservatories. As a rule we dig 750mm deep footings by 400mm wide and sometimes if we feel it needs reinforcing we do. Often when we dig footings, if the property is 60 years old or more we end up digging way past the original house footing as back then they dug 400mm deep and two storey properties still are standing on these all over the UK. So 750mm deep is over the top in one sense but also reassuring to the client and the builder. Feel free to google us to see our website where some of our recent conservatories and orangeries are shown they all stand on 750 mm deep footings.

Many Thanks
Major Glass and Glazing


Answered 6th Aug 2011

Hi Wolfy77,
You need to go at least 600mm deep in clay soil and if you see any roots no matter how big or small,dig down to 1000mm deep don't forget clay moves with the weather,so will the conservatory if you don't get it right.hope this is of some help to you.

Greengate Builders


Answered 6th Aug 2011

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