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QuestionBathroom hot water tap not working?

All the taps (hot & cold) in all rooms (kitchen & bathroom) seem to be working but not the hot water tap in our upstairs bathroom. It sometimes works for a while when first turned on and then water turns to a trickle or not at all. Could this be water pressure (although all other taps work) or simple changing of tap washer?

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The spindle has probably worn out or the washer has come loose, depends how high the tanks are above the tap, if they are level then that would also explain this

Jeff Stockdale Plumbing and Heating 27th Feb, 2011

replace the tap washer and if its not that then check and see if theres a service valve on the pipe work to the hot tap this may not be fully open . also its posible there may be a blockage in the pipe work or a bend in pipe work that is creating an air lock .

rjw paving 27th Feb, 2011

hi , you could try changing the tap washer as it might be sticking but i would say to change the taps or at least get tap revivers as it sounds like the jumper could be sticking

bjl plumbing and heating 27th Feb, 2011

More than likely to be working part of tap ( internal valve ).
Can be greased up, but better to replace valve if make known.
If make unknown, quite often easier & cheaper to replace tap complete, or as bjl states fit tap revivers.

andy c cuffley 28th Feb, 2011

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