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Acceptable time limit?

Hi my roof was leaking several months ago. I found a roofer who apparently repaired it. The roof began to leak again within a month and I've spent 6 weeks listening to this guys excuses - what can I do?!

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get two other roofers in to look at the problem and quote for repair, then go back to the original guy with your quotes give him to option to rectify if he still gives you the run around contact trading standards

kind regards


Answered 6th Aug 2011

hi as jimmy as suggested get two other roofers to survey effected area and if possible ask these roofers to take photos of area were water ingress getting in and if the roofer you have used before as not done as he as told you then contact trading standards , the two roofers may charge a small fee for this service but you should not expect to pay no more than £60 for a full survey , photos and a report!


Andy Robinson


Answered 10th Aug 2011

This is a bit of a grey area because he repaired the leak this does not mean it was waterproof for any more than a year or 2.
This may be short term solution until a proper repair was carried out.
He would have to have given you a gaurantee or time scale.
just be for you to far with this if you can get in touch with guy and ask him what he actully done.


Answered 11th Aug 2011

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