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Can you retrofit kingspan insulated plasterboard over existing plasterboard?

We have a desperately cold rural 4 bed detached house. It was built in 1985 and has cavity wall insulation. The living room is large and has 3 external Walls. the room has double glazing, 2 radiators and a large log burner but still slow to get the room up to a comfortable temperature in the winter. In fact the room is cold almost all year and this is becoming miserable. Have considered thermal lining paper on the longest, coldest wall but would prefer something more heavy duty. Can we retrofit Kingspan? Would we have to remove existing plasterboard and then fit it? We are not concerned about losing up to 100mm off the room dimension, just want to be warm! Would thermal bridging be a problem if Kingspan is fitted to just one wall (no windows or doors in the wall)? Any advice gladly received.

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Its only the external walls that need insulating. Seen as already plasterboarded easiest way is to buy the 50mm kingspan or equivalant that has a 12.5mm plasterboard adhered to it. This can then be stuck to the walls with plasterboard adhesive and skimmed. (remove any wallpaper first)

I would also upgrade the glazing in your windows to at least a 'C' energy efficiency rating and check radiator has enough BTU's foryour room.


Answered 4th Aug 2011

if you do not mind losing 100mm,why not build a stud work wall insulate inbetween with 100mm celotex insulation,platerboard studwork,contact eco insulation of liston (sudbury) for celotex


Answered 4th Aug 2011

Get in touch with British Gypsum. They have calculators for the thermal resistance of the build materials and give recommendations on upgrades.


Answered 29th Sep 2021

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