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How much to build a retaining wall 12 mtrs long and 6ft high? soil would be to top of wall at rear and the soil in front would need removing? only after a ball park figure

looking to buy a house but has a really steep rear garden so would want to terrace it.

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Without seeing the lie of the land,order of works.
Excavate footings, and concrete, include starter bars set in concrete.
Lay 225 hollow blocks,starter bar set in hollows.
Extend bars to full height, lay blocks to 1.8m
Fill all hollows, solid with concrete.
Footing size allow for 1m deep 600 wide.
Lay good drainage behind wall , with clean hardcore.
Allow for ties on front face,to allow for a facing wall, ie brick/stone.
Approx £2630 not including a facing stone.
I would go over the top for the footings as, there will be quite a bit of weight behind wall.
These prices could vary as a lot depends on access.


Answered 27th Feb 2011

Would need to dig deep foundations approximately 1.5m deep, concrete with steel reinforced bars, build around bars upto 6ft deep and concrete cavity of wall, cap wall with coping stones. Grade ground. To include approx 4000 engineering bricks. Quotation would depend on access and distance for materials to be deposited. Need to allow for skips, concrete, bricks, sand and cement, reinforced steel bars, wall ties. Approximate £8-10,000.


Answered 27th Feb 2011

i recently did a job simular to this so i would estimate £3200 labour all material and skips etc would be down to the client to buy . obviously with our advise .


Answered 27th Feb 2011

I would agree with TMB Building services. A rough estimate I just worked out was £7000+VAT which equates to £8400. But its dependant on many factors such as access, facing material type and how much movement of spoil is needed. Retaining walls of this size always need to be belt and braces jobs with larger than necessary foundations, steel reinforcement bars built into the footings and hollow concrete blocks which are then filled with concrete. There also needs to be drainage so any water can be drained away.



Answered 27th Feb 2011

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