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Pitched roof with velux or flat roof with roof lantern

We are planning a single storey extension to the rear of our property 3.5 metres x 11 metres. Opinion is divided about whether we should go with a flat roof with a large roof lantern, ie an orangery, or a pitched, tiled roof with velux windows. We'd like to let in as much light as possible, but if the cost of tiled and velux is massively less then we'll live with a bit less of a sky view. We are knocking through to our kitchen and don't want the room to be cold as it would with a conservatory. Does anyone have any idea on the cost comparisons.

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I suppose it is down to personal preference on the aesthetic value and dependent on the design of your existing building. It is always prudent to keep in sync so to speak IE if you had a rosemary tiled main roof it would be desirable to have a pitched rosemary tiled roof on your extension. This would add value to your property rather than diminish it. In regards to cost comparison there are many estimating sites out there now to help the non-experts to price up such projects. Also speak to your reputable builders suppliers like jewsons or Travis perkins as they now offer a quick cost effective estimating service where by you give them your proposed drawings/spec and they give you an accurate estimate of your material requirements then you can simply add the labour costs to know your ballpark.


Answered 5th Sep 2016

Evening my name is Niki platt, I specialise in flat roofs and epdm rubber cover, I would advise you to go with a flat roof with a lantern. Please view my photos on my profile there are pictures flat roof with lantern Windows, another benefit using lantern is that it allows more light through. Kind regards Niki platt


Answered 1st Apr 2016

I would recommend to maximize light and costs a tiled roof with four velux windows evenly spread. Insulation would need to be installed to comply with today's Council Regulations and if worried about the cold then an heated floor would be advised.


Answered 6th Jan 2015

Hello please check out fibreglass roof master on face book we have completed endless amounts of large roofs with skylights in the middle , glass , plastic orangery types .all Roos should be warm roof construction on new build so will be warm many thanks James


Answered 15th Dec 2015

I'd say that they pretty much balance out in terms of labour and materials, etc. If going for a flat roof, GRP is best. Both roofs will have to be insulated to building regs and the extension will have to provide the minimum u-values, no matter which option you go for, so it shouldn't be cold. If you do have a lot of glazing, the best option is to offset the heat loss with a wood burner or high efficiency boiler, etc. You can also use solar glazing / triple glazing, heated floor with ground source heat pumps, etc, etc.Hope this helps. Paul


Answered 26th Aug 2014

Flat roof with the velux Windows they let more lighting and look better on the roof and there are a lot easier to fit very good quality and very good guarantee


Answered 1st Feb 2018

If you’re going for more light and a wow factor i would go for the flat roof with a lantern as its a lot cheaper and with todays felt products such as icopal offering over 20 years warranty you no need such worries as will it last if installed properly by a professional it will most certainly outlive that expectancy but its all personal preference a pitched roof may add value to the property


Answered 30th Dec 2020

Its always worth considering the pitched roof with the velux as the life span of this type of roof is far better than a flat roof. The advantage of the lantern is they can provide a far larger single opening than the velux and add the wow factor from inside.


Answered 5th Nov 2018

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