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What certificates/qualifications should i ask my electrician for before he starts work?

I've got a couple of people coming out to look at a problem I am having with light circuits and potential other power circuits as well. One is coming to get a sense of what the job is for free; one is charging £50 for a test/diagnostics - does this sound reasonable?

Also what qualifications should they have if they are going to do electrical work in my house?? I think at least one is 'PART P' approved - what does that mean and should I see evidence of it?

Thanks :)

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Hi, i am a part P registered electrian. As
a part P resistered electrian, I am required to be quailified in both wiring regulations and building regulations related to domestic installations, in addition I am required to hold at least £2M in public liability insurance. I have a registation number which can be verified on line and am monitered by my governing body. I hope this indicates where you should put your trust. Anybody who is part P registerted can be reaserched. Best Wishes



Answered 3rd Aug 2011

Becka, £50 is not unreasonable if he/she spends some time there doing testing to establish what the fault is. However ask for clarity of what the £50 actually covers and how long he/she expects to spend on the testing.

A a general guide a full Electrical Installation Condition Report on an average 2-3 bed house takes about 2 to 3 hours to carry out. This would normally provide enough test data to establish the condition of the wiring and what the possible faults were (if any). An EICR typically costs around £85 to £100, so it suggests that this person is doing less than a full EICR?

With regard to Part P and registration, then its definately worth asking the electrician that your hiring to provide you with some evidence of the competent persons scheme they are registered with. If they can't or refuse, then the alarm bells should be ringing and you should be wondering why!

Any decent and fully part P registered electrician should be able to show you their NICEIC, ELECSA or NAPIT ID card or registration certificate. Some electricians also have a JIB ECS card showing their qualifications on,although this on its own is not sufficient.

If in any doubt just ask them to provide a written quote and then get a second opinion. All too often people rush in and hire an electrician because they can start immediately or are very cheap, but end up paying in the long run.

Hope this helps.


Answered 16th Apr 2012

ask if he is select registerd


Answered 3rd Aug 2011

Hi Becka,

Personally I would only use a Part P registered electrician, as stated above you can check online to see if he is valid. Some Part P companies ( for example I am with ELECSA ) provide there electricians with a card which has a valid to and from date on along with their number which you can cross reference online. )

Regarding your diagnostics. Every electrician is different. Personally I would not charge you put qould come and do my best to analyze the faults and give you an honest opinion and suggest the best way to remedy it. Some will insist of carrying a full inspection ( roughly £100 ) and then highlight and quote for the defects they have found. If someone is charging £50 then I would personally expect them to be around 2 hours analizing and fixing any faults they find.

Hope this helps,

NJM Electrical


Answered 4th Aug 2011

Hi, Further to the above, Part P allows an electrician to effectively sign off their own work in special areas..e.g Kitchen, bathrooms etc.
However, although your work may not need Part P it is a good indication as to their qualifications and that they are 'tracable'. To check if an electrician is 'Part P' you can also use this Local Authority web link: ""

Personally, on an investigation, I do charge for the first hour and if not fixed, I will then let the customer know my findings and any course of action / costs needed to be taken to help find / fix the problem.

Hope this helps,
Regards Richard


Answered 3rd Aug 2011

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