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I live in a bungalow with a converted loft(was constructed before I bought the house). The loft is used as a bedroom and has 2 velux windows in it. There is also a dormer extension which is a bathroom.

As always with loft conversion, the heat up there can be boiling, what is the best way to cool it down?

Will insulating the rafters of my roof in the eves make any difference? The walls of the kit are insulated with kingspan (50mm I think). I think underneath the floorboards is insulated with standard glass wool, but I have never checked.

How can I go about making it a bearable temperature?


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your rafter should alredy be insulated

your loft has the right insulation for building code it sounds like that why its hotter get some fans or an AC unit i wouldnt advice taking any insulation out as there there as fire protection as well as keeping the heat in.

u might be able to chage kingspan for space blanket but its alot of work and may have no affect ( it would just allow more air flow in ceiling space)

or you may be able to have some small vents like for bathrooms fitted

the problems with loft cons is to hot in summer just right in winter if you change something it could be frezing in winter

fans cheapest and easier op

Answered 3rd Aug 2011

D.N.A Building Services Ltd

Member since 21 May 2011

Hi Paul

if your loft was built fairly recently it will have proper insulation in place which in itself causes the loft to be warmer in the winter but also the summer. In addition heat rises so it will automatically rise into the loft. We usually recommend an electrically operated velux as these can be left open and will automatically close if it rains, this allows the heat out during the day. You could also have blinds fitted or if you have them leave them closed during the day this will stop direct sunlight into the loft. It is also advisable to leave windows which are not accessable to thieves open to create a cross draft so you get air flow through your house. If all these options are in place then an extractor fan in the loft could help or a vertical air vent with external wind driven extraction could be installed.You could possible install an electrical system onto one of yur Velux windows but this would need to be checked out with Velux first.
Hope this helps.

Answered 2nd Aug 2011

CRME Developments

Member since 14 Oct 2007

I agree with the first Post. Ventilation is the key. Although you could first try fitting sun screening to decrease solar gain through the Velux windows, Velux DKL blackout blinds or Awning blinds are ideal for this, and even prevent heat loss in winter.
You can retro fit Velux windows with a KSX solar powered motor system, older window would require a small conversion, although Velux do not recommend this. As an ex Velux Technician I have fitted hundreds of the systems and they are great!

Answered 11th Jan 2012

PMV Maintenance

Member since 10 Jan 2012

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