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How to re-tile on to a wooden bathroom window sill/recess?


I have some tiles that have popped off on the vertical side of a bathroom window recess. I've remove all the tiles along this edge and noticed the recess was finished with some cheap wood(looks like chipboard) and the the tiles simply tiled on top of it. As the wood has got wet and swelled the tiles have popped off. The wood is a bit rotten around areas where its had constant exposure to wet.

1) How do I re-tile on top of this wood. Should I replace the wood, if so what with? Would ply wood suffice as i've already got some spare?

2) I'm not sure how the original plank of wood was fastened so not sure whats behind it as i cant see any screws. If i use use plywood how would you screw it to the wall i.e what type/length screws.

3) what type of tile adhesive and grout do i need to use. I alread bought some everbuild 702 waterproof acrylic tile adhesive and everbuild foreverwhite mould resistant grout not knowing what the backing surface of these tiles were. Is the above tile adhesive and grout adequate to tile on to wood, or do i need some other type of tile adhesive?

4) Also is there a quick tip or technique to get the old adhesive off the tiles. Currently ive placed all the tiles in to a bucket of water to soak.

Any advice and tips to quickly get the above job done would be much appreciated. Its a small job about 1m x 15cm tiling, what seemed like a quick job has now turned into a bigger job.


thanks for the advice @ ag fright tiling specialist. What type of tile adhesive should i use? Does it need to be flexible tile adhesive and flexible grout. The area receives a lot of splash back when showering so is flexible adhesive and flexible grout waterproof enough to withstand such wet?

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plasterboard would be ok to use as long as it was done right,
fixed with tile or dry wall adhesive, once tiled the cill would be very strong,
grouting thoroughly would stop any splash problems.


Answered 1st Feb 2015

Hi, you done the right thing soaking the tiles as long as the adhesive is water based it will scrape of, regarding your recess /cill I would replace the wood using cement backer board not ply, also I would use powdered adhesive.
You can use what you have already purchased ,it is just my opinion on what I would use,but you should replace the wood with cement board more stable than ply.


Answered 18th Aug 2014

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