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I got rid of my old iron because it kept tripping my fuse box, but my new iron is sarting to do the same. why wouldm y irons keep doing this?

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Hi, When you say tripping I assume this switch is an RCD (Residual Current Detector). To check this, look on the switch that trips and it may say 'RCD'. I have seen this where the customer was using a stream iron and when filling it with water, some was getting into the iron itself and causing the tripping.
If the switch does not say 'RCD' then the tripping may be due to something more serious e.g in the socket and should be checked out by an electrician. Either way, If this continues, I would have someone qualified to check this out. Hope this has helped.
Regards Richard


Answered 3rd Aug 2011

It might be that the fuse/breaker that is protecting the circuit is not the correct size, as you are overloading the circuit with the iron. I would suggest getting it checked just for your piece of mind


Chris Hughes


Answered 3rd Aug 2011


A few things you can check. Have your RCD tested to ensure that it is not over-sensitive. A simple test can confirm this. Secondly I am presuming that you have tried the iron in several sockets scattered around the house just in case their is a fault within the socket when it approaches a reasonable load. Finally I am presuming that it is a new iron - if so and you have tried and eliminated the first two points take it back and get a replacement.

Hope this helps,

NJM Electrical


Answered 3rd Aug 2011

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