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My flue was damaged when back boiler and gas fire was removed, have been trying to get things sorted for nearly a year now,no two "experts" have said the same thing. It is a 5inch galvinised flue click lock together but this was broken on removal of boiler. Have been told need a new flue, although it can be locked back if we take panel out of wall, flue is 23 years old. Was told used existing flue and repair it, and have also been told to fit a flexi flue to eliminate the trouble of having inspection panels every 2.5 feet ??? Is there new legislation to have these inspection panels fitted by law? Would like some help please !

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I would have thought you have had good use from the flue at 25yr old, my advise would be to have a single length flue fitted, you wont have to keep opening up the panels.
At the end of the day the onus is on whoever fits your gas fire, as it all has to be tested and certified.


Answered 2nd Aug 2011

You can only fit a single wall flexi flue(copex) into an old chimney breast if you have any combustable materials it must be twinwall like you have now.
At 23years old if its only been inside the building it should be ok,but make sure when the gas fitter recomissions your gas fire he checks the flue like he should.
Cheers E M Flues


Answered 14th Aug 2011

if the new fire is to last 10 years ,the new liner would be 33 year old ,is it going to last another 10 years ,i wouldnt risk it ,it needs to last the lifetime of the fire ,needs to be safe is it worth the risk?


Answered 7th Sep 2013

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