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Restrictors - french doors

I have recently had upvc French Doors fitted and I noticed one of the doors' restrictors makes a really loud noise when I open it, as though there is grit or gravel stuck. I asked the builder why it makes the noise and he said it was because he has used the restrictors off my old french doors. Needless to say he never asked my permission to use these; he didn't explain why he didn't use new restrictors, and still couldn't tell me why it was making the noise as I pointed out that the other restrictor wasn't making a noise.

He then preceded to tell me he had been "doing me a favour" by fitting the old restrictors off my old wooden french doors for me free of charge. When I asked him whether new French doors normally have restrictors fitted he shook his head (but didn't actually say the word "No" which makes me think he is lieing). He kept on saying in a jokey way - "I don't know, you try and do someone a favour", etc, etc but I believe he is cutting corners and is fobbing me off.

He said he can fit new restrictors (if it really bothers me) "for around £15.00".

Any advice would be appreciated...

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Restrictors are not fitted as standard. If they were they would have been on the doors when they came to you or the builder. At £15 for a pair of restrictors that's basically at cost.


Answered 7th Aug 2014

Depends on the manufacturer.
My suppliers fit them as standard.
A company I sometimes sub for don't.
But in my eyes they should be fitted as standard for safty issues.
£15 is about at cost depending on the make.


Answered 9th Aug 2014

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