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Tips for taking a window out temporarily

any tips for taking the beading off a window so we can remove it? (pulling large furniture in the house you see)
thanks for any tips in advance!

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Hi, you can use a chisel to take out the beading but be careful of damaging the plastics or even worse the glass, also a rubber mallet maybe advise able, I'd suggest taking out the long pieces first and then the small, be sure to have somebody holding the glazing in place whilst this is done. Once all done, place the glazing back in and then start with the small pieces of beading first then the long pieces, as they can flex in to position. Carefully tap them back in to position with the rubber mallet until they click back in to place, hope this helps.


Answered 1st Aug 2014

would use a thin scraper to take out the beading as its less likely to damage the plastic,
apart from that the same advice as danielpeet.

good luck Alex


Answered 2nd Aug 2014

How old are the Windows?
Are they externally beaded?
Glazing tape or wedge gasket?
Or are they newer internally beaded windows?


Answered 6th Aug 2014

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