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New shower install.

Is it better to install the new shower above a bath before tiling or vice versa. There is currently no piping above tap level, there is a cavity wall boxing behind the wall in question.

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Hi, you are most certainly better off installing a shower following tiling. I suggest you install your first fix plumbing and electrics (if electric shower) prior to tiling and then fit the shower unit after the tiling to get best results.



Answered 1st Aug 2011

It all depends on what type of shower you are fitting - if you have a retro fit one - then you can install this after all the tiling has been done. The other way is to have a built in shower unit (in the cavity wall with all the feed to it) (if you have a combi boiler the pressure should be good enough to take off the tap system - other wise you will need either a power shower running from hot / cold, or an electric shower running from cold mains) - It all depends on accessibilty - normally you 'drop' the pipework down from the attic - I would always go for a 'concealed' shower unit - with pump etc accesible somewhere else - look at the Aqualisa Quartz range - best on the market..
cheers Mat


Answered 1st Aug 2011

julian is right, the first fix plumbing would be done before tiling and then the shower unit , or cover plate for the shower mixer, would be installed after tiling. Often neglected is the waterproofing of the shower walls. This is one of the primary reasons why showers leak.
Prior to tiling you need to prepare the wall with a waterproofing compound to prevent water moving into the wall behind the tiles. This is especially important if the wall is plasterboard or plaster finish. I would recommend bal wp1, you can buy a kit to prep the shower at most tile shops.


Answered 6th Sep 2011

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