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Do i need ridge vents if i have removed my chimney and no longer use the fire

i removed my chimney 2 year ago because it was leaking into the house next door . the roofer re-roofed both mine and next doors and it seems to be happening again now and the house next door seems to think it is because i dont have a vent on the ridge but i dont have a gas fire no so therefore didnt require a chimney. what could be causing the damp patch in the house next door? could it be because i dont have a hidden gully between the 2 roofs or that i dont have a vent.

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hi buddy
if this is a new leak after 2 years then ignore the vent issue plus you and next door should have a dividing wall in the loft area so your roof, vent wise, has nothing to do with theres so i would explore the gully option but bonding gutters are only usualy needed if you both have diffrent tiles on the roof, and even in this case as you both had the roofing work done at the same time they are as liable as you are for any works that may need doing. of course without seeing the roof i can not give you a 100% idea of what is wrong.
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Answered 1st Aug 2011

as both roofs where done at the same time it is a joint problem,unless differant roofing materials where used on the two roofs no need for a hidden gulley, this is a totally differant problem and needs investigation.

you need to get 2-3 roofing companys round to diagnois the problem as without looking at this its impossible to say exactly what is causing this


Answered 2nd Aug 2011

You will need to vent the space if chimney breast still bellow roof


Answered 13th Sep 2011

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