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What adhesive shall i use for floor tiles

which adhesive for porcelain 600x600 floor tiles on to a ply lined bathroom floor? i have a 20kg bag of unibond rapid set ceramic floor tile adhesive cement basedleft over from another job. will this do?

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Elasticated floor tile adhesive is what you need to use for floor tiles

Answered 17th Feb 2011


Member since 20 May 2010

The best adhesive for the porcelain floor tiles is Mapey (flexible) not premixed.
White or grey color depend from the tiles color

Answered 19th Feb 2011


Member since 21 Feb 2009

Hi kat just to confirm what a couple of people have said in there answers already. However make sure the adhesive you use has porcel bond in it as this is the minimum requirement for procelain tiles. It will appear on any suitable bags saying either "porcel plus" or procel bond". A very good adhesive I have used hundreds of times before is the 2 part flexible adhesive from topps tiles, it has extra flexibility too. Do ensure that the ply is screwed at 100mm centres, preferably waterproof boarding too. (but is a bit more expensive normally about £10 per m2). I hope this information is useful to you. Good luck.

Answered 18th Feb 2011

J Gorton Services

Member since 3 Mar 2009

Hi if large format floor tiles are being used Mapei rapid set flexable from tile giant is the adhesive to use, also make sure you seal the ply first with a dedicated acrylic primer also available from tile gient, one coat is sufficiant, for the grout use bal microflex alsio available from Topps tiles.You will have to be mindful that depending on the tile colour and grout colour the porcelain can be hard to get clean from grout haze after grouting, you can decide to seal the floor prior to grouting with sealer designed to aid the removal off grout and haze, these sealers will not effect the finish or look of the tiles. Hope this helps

Answered 17th Feb 2011


Member since 31 Jul 2009

You will need a flexible rapidset tile adhesive. tho take care as this will set faster if the ambient temperature is warm. if you fee you need time to lay the tiles then open windows to cool the room. For grouting i would use a flexible Microban grout. this comes in a variety of colours. Remember that you will need to seal the tiles once laid. this can be used once grouted. regards Al

Answered 17th Feb 2011

AEB Bathroom Installations

Member since 20 May 2009

There is a massive range of adhesives on the market, ideally what you need is a flexible floor tile adhesive suited for use with porcelain. It's generally good practice to get a light coloured adhesive to go with lighter tiles and a darker or grey adhesive to go with darker tiles.

You will also need to ensure that the ply is securely fixed to the sub-floor, this may seem over the top, but I always use 12.5mm ply screwed down at 100mm intervals in all directions.

Answered 17th Feb 2011

Pure Building and Plumbing

Member since 31 May 2010

If your floor boards are ok and screwed down to joists, to save on height issues at door way. You can either go over them with 6mm hardie backer board glued down with a rapid flex adhesive, mapai is a good one, then screwed down every 150mm. Or you can do the same principle with a decoupling membrane without screwing down just stck down. If your floor is not level you can screed over both of these with a fibre screed. Hope that helps

Answered 17th Feb 2011

Aussie Tiling

Member since 5 Jan 2009

You need a flexible rapid set adhesive for porcelain floor tiles and also flexible grout. Usual 20 kg.bag it's enough for 5m2 tiles. Allways I using Unibond. Will do the job. Regards, Petru

Answered 18th Feb 2011


Member since 18 May 2010

Mostly covered in the answers so far, but to prevent cracked grout lines or ties lifting in the future take pains to ensure there is no deflection in the ply ie it is really rigid without any flexing. If floorboards were first secured, a screed of flexible adhesive applied, and then min 12mm WBP plywood (Water and Boil Proof) used and screwed down at 150mm centres, with both sides sealed with bonding solution, then you should be good to go. If not, remove plywood and go with 6mm backerboard as recommended by aussietiling earlier. If you don't do much tiling remember to read the instructions and measure accurately when mixing the adhesive to ensure good performance and avoid problems with poor adhesion or crumbling

Answered 18th Feb 2011

Canalside Heating and Energy Services

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Long time has passed but I wanted to bring to your attention that British standards states a minimum of 15mm ply must be used with tiling a floor with 100 mm centres. No less will do if you wish to keep your guarentees your suppliers provide

Answered 10th Dec 2011

Peterborough Tiling Solutions

Member since 25 Nov 2011

i have used flexi adhesive for floor tiles and find it starts to crumble when set and does not like water to much use what you have as long as its suitable for wooden floors and take the advise from above make sure the floor is screwed down tight malc yes it will and does a good job

Answered 17th Feb 2011

ludlow home and garden imimprovements/ludlow fencing

Member since 13 Apr 2009

Hi , first off 9mm ply screwed down at 150mm centres if two pieces of ply used alternate the screw pattern on the joints for extra strength . dunlop set fast plus is just bal rapid flex in a different bag at half the price and same for flexi grout . 8mm bed of adhesive for tiles and when grouting mix grout like a clotted cream butb not too wet as when dry it will shrink very badly .unibond is for diy tiling ?

Answered 18th Feb 2011

S.E.S Tiling

Member since 3 Aug 2010

What is needed is floorboards must be secure then a Ply boarding needs to be a min of 9mm thick screwed down every 150mm in all directions.Then seal ply with PVA. Adhesive and grout will need to be Flexible white for light colour tiles grey for dark tiles some porcelain floor tiles will need sealing this you can find out from your supplier. Mapei adhesive and grout is a good choice but not from B&Q get this from a tile supplier.

Answered 17th Feb 2011


Member since 5 Aug 2009

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