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Removing a redundant back boiler

How should we go about removing a back boiler? It is no longer used but is sitting behind a very old gas fireplace, which we also want to remove. We would like the fireplace, boiler and flue remove from the chimney, how long should this normally take and once the gas is capped off could we do it ourselves? Thanks.

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Once a fully qualified gas safe engineer has capped the gas and tested you can remove the boiler as its attatched to the gas fire. It is a messy job though so protect the room with dust sheets and make sure all water is drained from the boiler or you will get black sludge everywhere. This should all take up to one day


Answered 30th Jul 2011

its a simple job should take about 1-2 hours at most,you may be able to remove the flue linerby pulling it down otherwise its on the roof to get it out .


Answered 31st Jul 2011

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