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My baby's crying is disturbing neighbours - how do i soundproof cheaply?

I live in a very old house (c. 1750) which has thin walls between the properties. (I don't know what type of walls they are.) As a result, my neighbours can hear the sound of my son when he wakes in the night, which is only for a few minutes at a time but can be a few times each night, and they are at the end of their tether from sleeplessness. Their bedroom adjoins ours, not his. There are only the 2 bedrooms upstairs. We'd like to end their suffering by installing soundproofing - but don't want to break the bank - plus our bedrooms are very small so we don't want to eat into them too much. We've heard of a product from the US called Green Glue, which can be applied to plasterboard. Does anyone have experience of using it? Would we need 2 layers of plasterboard to reduce the noise to a barely audible level, or would 1 layer do it? Would we need both rooms done or just our son's? - and party wall only or internal wall too? Would a plasterer be the best person to do this work? And roughly what would it cost? Many thanks for your help.

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soundproofing plasterboard is available(blue) fix that to the wall or create a void with stud work then insulate with sound proofing insulation not expensive good luck


Answered 31st Jul 2011

Renorite above, is correct, a timber stud wall with a 20mm gap between the back of the stud wall and the wall adjoining the neighbour, filled with acoustic quilt and finished with 15mm sound block boards (blue plasterboard) and plastered will cut out a huge amount of noise. Dot and dab will NOT reduce the sound significantly, only by about 20%. An air gap between walls prevents sound being transmitted.

Hope this helps



Answered 1st Aug 2011

hi monti
i would advise dot and dabbing soundproof boards along that 1 wall that is adjoining to your neighbours as a rough guide price this would cost around £300 and would stop a good 85% of the noise that there getting at the mo. i hope you find this helpful.
kind regards


Answered 30th Jul 2011

Hi there I read up on the subject quite a bit and if as you say it's your Childs bedroom doing it cheaply can be done with heavy curtains thick carpeting or a rug which actually absorbs the sounds , also I have done a heavy coat over artex in my girlfriends room which I don't believe made any real difference soft toys will also absorb a high % of the noise level also these can be removed at any time and will be something which can be used again hope this was of some help Peter


Answered 31st Jul 2011

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