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Can i use a gas cooker that i bought in brazil, in the uk?

Hey folks,
We just got back from two years in Brazil.
While we were there we bought an electrolux gas cooker/oven. While in Brazil we used bottled LPG to fuel it.
Now we are back in the UK, can we use it in our house?
The electricity is fine, it runs on 220v.
But what about the gas, is it the same as over here?
Thanks a lot,

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I would very strongly suggest that you do not use this gas cooker here in the UK because as far as I am concerned it doesn't have a British or European standard and I would suggest that this cooker would be illegal to fit and use here in the UK,and no doubt the instructions if there are any would be in Portugese as well.You would be far safer not only for yourself but that of others if you were to spend some money and buy a brand new cooker here in the UK that is to our standards.

In fact just to go off the subject just slightly,can I via this website very strongly urge people out there NOT to buy any second hand gas appliances under any circumstances as there is probably a reason why someone wants to sell them ie they have probably been condemned and are probably immediately dangerous and should not be used at all.I recently had to disconnect a second hand cooker and cap off the gas supply as it had been tampered with illegaly and had an illegal fitting on it.My actions that day probably saved someone from getting killed.If people want to criticise me for speaking out on this important subject,then so be it.


Answered 8th Aug 2011

Any gas appliance used in the uk has to have an european standard mark and and a set of manufacturers instuctions so unless it complies with this it would be illeagal to fit.


Answered 31st Jul 2011

Check the manufactuers instructions to see what preasure the cooker runs at.

we run at 37psi on lpg


Answered 31st Jul 2011

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