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Double glazed window fitted yesterday is hard to close

One of the new double glazed window fitted yesterday is hard to close. But the window installer closes and says there is nothing wrong with it. But i have noticed that he lifts it slightly higher as he closes it and i pointed that out to him. I have not paid him yet but i am sure he will tell me that there is nothing wrong with it. What shall i do as i am not happy with it and he is quite intimidating.

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All PVCu windows should have adjustable hinges which allow the installer to set the window at the correct level of tension. If the window is difficult for you to close then insist that the installer adjust it for you. If he is intimidating then it may be worth asking a friend or relative to be there when he comes to collect his money, do not pay him until you are happy, for as long as you have the money he will do what he can to rectify the problem. If he is unable to rectify the problem and you are still not happy then it may be that the window has been made slightly out of measure, you are within your rights to ask for a replacement to be made, be strong, this window is going to be in your property for a long time!


Answered 11th Jul 2014

From what you have explained it seems to me you are talking about a casement window if so and if it helps by lifting it to shut than it is a simple fix called toe an heeling the beads on the sash will need removing and by packing the glass in the correct manner it can be adjusted to correct level this is a common procedure in the industry and should be done correctly before completion of job.


Answered 18th Nov 2017

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