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Should i lay the laminate effect tile flooring in the kitchen before fitting the units?

The kitchen will be completely empty so I will be starting with a blank canvass. I thought it would be best to lay the floor first so that the edges of the units sit on top of the floor creating a nicer finish once the plinth is fitted. I have had conflicting opinions on whether it is best to lay the flooring or fit the kitchen first so any help would be appreciated. The units will be in a C-shape with an archway going into the kitchen as the entrance/exit.

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i wouldnt, what we tend to do is put all base units in place then lay the floor.
once the floor is down add your end panels plinth etc. i think you will change your floor at least twice during your kitchen life. i hope this helps because it will be a nightmare to lift whilst under your kitchen. Thanks Ricky


Answered 3rd Aug 2011

Not advisable, although easier.... If you were to get a water leak you would have a job on your hands replacing floor... Fit flooring up to legs of units, then fit plinths.

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Answered 26th Jan 2012

I always fit it after because you run the risk of damaging the flooring during installation. It only take a dropped screw or something like that to be stood on and that's it! The only way I Lay it first is if the customer wants it fitted under the units. I would then use hardboard over the flooring to protect it while working.


Answered 16th Aug 2011

i would normally lay flooring last,could be a nightmare to lift if you wanted to change it.make sure however that you fit flooring into appliance spaces ie washing machine.its more cutting i know but better in the long run.


Answered 22nd Aug 2011

Its always good to complete a floor prior to putting a kitchen in as it saves a lot of intricate cutting- but also depends on cost, as your using a lot of extra material. So its a case of. it depending on the individulal really


Answered 30th Jul 2011

I always find it easier to fit the flooring first as it easier to get a cleaner finish with the edges.
It is not essential to fit the flooring first to get a good finish. Just easier.
If you do fit the flooring first just make sure it is welll protected.


Answered 30th Jul 2011

I always lay the floor first given the choice I consult with my customer first as to what they would prefer but it alow for easy removal of appliances and if the layout of kitchen is required at anytime, which has happened a couple of times, there is no need to touch the flooring. I know there is the argument that if you want to change the flooring at anypoint during the life of the kitchen it makes it hard but to be honest its not that bad to get from under units.


Answered 21st Sep 2011

it would be better to lay floor first as it will be easier to remove plint if u need access to anything under units it will also be a much nicer finish
hope this helps


Answered 30th Jul 2011

yes you can would defo get a nicer finish ...but you are then at risk of marking the floor when fitting units even if covered ...i would fit units first then just run the flooring under the kick boards ..good luck


Answered 30th Jul 2011


Yes it would be preferable, because it will cut down on the amount of cutting around units. Also the floor will feel more solid with the weight of the units etc on it.

The only negative is, if you ever damaged the floor, it will be more difficult to lift and replace boards because it's best to start lifting from the edge of the floor...


Answered 30th Jul 2011

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