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Help what is happening with my roof?

Hi I have damp rising from the first floor up a wall at the front of the property. The wall is only one brick. This commensed a year ago and it is ingresingly moving up the wall (the wall is in the porch). Approximately four years ago on the same side of the house damp has developed in the bedroom the water is visible on the wall in winter, damp is obvious in the corner of the wall and on the ceiling. I have numerous people giving me quotes from roofers to experts in guttering but not once have i trusted one of the quotes, roofers have told me I have a hole in the felt the roof was insulated approximately 8 years ago with foam which has been sprayed on the inside of the roof by a company called warmroof it was put on to get rid of the damp in the bedroom but it has not worked. I need to know who to contact to make an accurate assessment of what exactly is going on any help is appreciated as I have no idea what the problem is so I'm unsure what to do

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Damp is a tricky thing to diagnose and Sometimes can be a little bit like taking the car into the garage.......You start with the cheapest option and hope that it solves the problem.

It could be allsorts of things or even more than 1 factor...... its possible that both of the opinions that you have are correct or in fact wrong.

For rising damp a damp coarse can be injected this will solve the problem
If the roofing felt is damaged I would say this is less likely to be your problem

If you are worried that the tradesmen that are coming round are making the job out to be bigger than it really is then just pay a builder to do a full investigation but make him aware that he will not be doing the work..... this way he has no reason to lie about the problem


Answered 30th Jul 2011

hi, it sounds like a problem with your guttering. i think your roof tiles are not over hanging your guttering enough and it is tracking into your wall. you will need to take front row of tiles off and install either felt or plastic to go into guttering. hope this helps adrian


Answered 30th Jul 2011

foam insulation is usually used where there is no underfelt,
any broken tiles are replaced then it is foamed in the loft this seals the roof tiles into place and seals the roof, if there is underfelt in place the roof will not seal the tiles in place, therefore any broken or cracked tiles on the roof will allow water to run down the inside of the insulation and into the walls.

the guttering could also be at fault either not running correctly,joint leaking, gutter full,

the fact that the wall is only single brick will allow water to transfer from the outside to inside

without looking at the damp I am unable to give an accurate diagnoisis

if you want an accurate diagnoisis of the condition of your roof. pick a roofing company offer to pay for an assesmemt with the full understanding that no matter what is found they will not be getting the work as it is only a writen assesment you require from them.

hope this is of help


Answered 30th Jul 2011

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