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Wet dash render on plywood


Im building a timber kit dormer extension, and was planning on using a wet dash on the plywood as my finish. I have recently been told that this is not such a good idea as it will move a lot and could cause me a major headache.

Can anyone tell me what issues I may have and if there are any ways to avoid them (other than not using a wet dash)


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Hi, definately do not wet render/dash straight onto plywood! Two main options is to screw cement board onto the plywood then render/dash that or prefered option is to fix EML (expanded Metal Lathe) on to plywood then render/ dash onto it.


Answered 30th Jul 2011

Make sure the ply is fixed firmly with screws then fix an impermeable roof membrane [this comes on a roll its about 20 quid for 15m2] fix with staples or small roofing nails then fix expanding metal lath with screws and beads if needed apply scratch coat and leave for one week before applying wet dash.


Answered 30th Jul 2011

Using a wet dash on ply would can be done without cracking but you must use a good quality Brazilian ply at least 18mm thick and screw ( not nail ) to frame work,
you must also apply at least 2 coats of P.V.A adhesive and a well fixed wire mesh ( buy from local builders merchants ) to the ply prior to scratch coat of render after you have done this render and dash as you normally would.
I hope this answers your question


Answered 30th Jul 2011

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