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Maximum height of side-hung casement windows?

I have bay windows, the height of which are 1450mm. I've been told that I cannot have full-height side-hung casement windows. Is that true?

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Yes it is true as 900 limit u could have it all the way but open from the top


Answered 3rd Jul 2014

Of course you can have them at that size.
Maco do an espag at 1200mm
By the time you add the sash and frame to that you're pushing that size (1450mm). That's with the espag at each edge of the sash return.
You can go a further 100mm each side of the espag.
Failing that they do a shootbolt system that goes upto 1600mm.

The only time you have an issue with a side opening sash is
When you exceed 700mm in sash width.
But any decent manufacturers will use mega egress hinges to combat this. They allow a sash weight of upto 50/60kg
Or a sash width of 900mm.
If they're saying you can't go full length because there's a return on the roof/upper floor that will restrict the sash from opening.
Then ask for an add on to the top of the frames to clear the return.

Regards Lee


Answered 3rd Jul 2014

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