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Does double glazing reduce noise and is acoustic glass worth buying?

We live on a busy 'cut through' road. It's not a main road but early morning and rush hour it is like a main road. Our current windows, although pretty are very old and we have lots of condensation in the autumn and winter and we can hear through them. So We have had a few quotes for double -glazing. Three out of four of the companies who have given quotes have said that double-glazing will really reduce the noise and we do not need acoustic, but one company said that it won't reduce noise that much. we are concerned that we will pay out for new windows and still be able to hear the traffic as it really annoys us. Could anyone please advise? Also are linair ok? We have heard of duraflex and rehau but this latest company has said they use linair. Any help really would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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New A rated windows will make a difference but not cut out the noise completely. Triple glazing will make more of a difference but costs alot more.
Rehau is the best profile, it's what we use. Duraflex and Liniar are mid range profiles.
If you can afford Rehau then use that but find out if they are using the new 72mm A rated profile as the old 72mm didin't achieve an A.
52mm and 62mm are fine. Make sure your getting top spec glazing as well, 28mm Planitherm or Pilkington EnergiKare.
Do a bit of research into the company you plan on using, forums etc and look into the profile specs. You can find out everything on Google or Rehau's web page.


Answered 29th Jun 2014

All of the above companies mis-sold triple glazing based on noise reduction....
It appears non of them can use or access the Pilkington sound simulator program, always ask for specific DB figures from companies when asking about sound reductions


Answered 28th Sep 2015

The price you would pay for acoustic glass would be about the same as triple glazing. But with out the heat loss benefits and probably less of a reduction in noise.
As for which profile is best. Installers tend to be bias to what they install.
Most of the big nationals use the cheapest profile on the market yet sell it for a huge mark up.
But it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Saying that Kömmerling is Europes number1 for a reason ;)



Answered 3rd Jul 2014

Hi, Yes double glazing will reduce the noise. You can even have triple glazing which is better still but more expensive.
Acoustic should help even more but please be aware that you can not guarantee with any system that you will be completely sound proof but any form of double/triple glazing etc will be a massive improvement.


Answered 29th Jun 2014

Hi Paris,
Double glazing would greatly reduce the noise.
Liniar are one of the most thermally efficient windows in the industry. We use liniar for this reason. Liniar also can accommodate a 36mm sealed unit, either double or triple glazed. This added space would reduce the noise further.

Kind regards Grant
iGlaze - Bedfordshire


Answered 29th Jun 2014

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