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What is the strongest brick bond?

just had a wall bult all thebricks are on top of each other not stepped the builder tpld me it is german bond the strongest one.

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English bond

This bond is widely used and is considered as the strongest bond in brick work. The following are some features of English bond.

Alternate courses/layers consist of stretcher and header.

Each alternate course/layer of header is centrally supported over stretcher.

The number of mortar joints in header course is nearly double than that made in stretcher course.

The joints are not continuous and vertical except at the end of wall in some cases.

The bricks in alternate courses have straight joints.


Answered 29th Jul 2011

You want to get rid of him, he may build like that in Germany, not here.
English bond is possibly one of the stongest brick bonds, as there are no straight joints in the wall.
It is used for 1 brick thick walls, it consists of 1 course of stretchers followed by 1 course of headers.


Answered 29th Jul 2011

If it was the strongest bond all houses would be built like it!


Answered 29th Jul 2011


Your builder has built brickwork in stack bond which is incredibly weak and widely discouraged. I have been a bricklayer for ten years and have not once built in stack bond!!

The strongest bonds are english or flemish for a double skinned wall and simply half bond for a single skin wall. They are all adequate and accepted but I am afraid stack bond is a no go unless assisted by an engineers specification.

Something tells me the guy that built your wall is not a bricklayer!!




Answered 1st Aug 2011

English bond property done is the strongest bond
As far as I am aware there is no such bond as German bond
Even in Germany there is either half or quarter bond


Answered 30th Jul 2011

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