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Handles won't open front door

I have browsed a couple of forums but can't find a answer.

My front door has been difficult to open using the handles. I could open the door but my partner couldn't, she had to use the key to open door once bolts had retracted

Now the door can not open without the key. When the handle is pushed down the bolts retract but the latch only retracts a small amount.

With the door open and looking at the side of the door it seems that the retracting bolts stop the latch being brought in any more

Is it possible to fix this myself with limited costd or do I need a locksmith/fitter

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This is difficult to answer as I'm not to sure what you mean but you may want to try changing the handles, sometimes the spindle connecting the handles can warp or the handles themselves can wear away inside which can sometimes prevent the handles operating properly.


Answered 24th Jun 2014

Sounds like the gear box is broken.
Look for the makers stamp
Era, yale, fhur, mila ect.
Count how many hooks and rollers there is.
Then look on upvc maintenance
For the lock,
Either purchase a full lock, or if you're handy just the lock case.
And change it over.
If by any chance you can't find the lock, b&q do a yale repair lock for around a £100.
These are simple to do.
Hope this helps.



Answered 28th Jun 2014

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