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Treated lawn with b&q evergreen complete 4-in-1 according to instruction on pack and my lawn is parched and has some weird fungi-looking (resembling tiny mushrooms) growths springing up everywhere.

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When you say parched do you mean scorched? Have you applied the correct application rate for the product?

Did you have moss in your lawn before applying the fertiliser? If you did the product contains ferrous sulphate which is the moss killer so after a period of days you would start to see any moss turning brown and then eventually black.

Have you also applied water within 24 hours of applying the fertiliser, with the dry, warm weather it will scorch the lawn if not water is applied after 24 hours of applying. Hope this helps and if you have any further questions just ask.

If you need any commercial fertilisers applied in the future let us know, you need to wait 6 weeks before applying any other product.


Answered 1st Aug 2011

Evergreen Garden Maintenance

Member since 31 Oct 2010

Great answer Evergreen, Yes they are totally right, watering in these products are key or the lawn will burn, there are natural and green remedies too!

1.Fish emulsion is what it sounds like: ground up fish parts turned into liquid. Fish emulsion packs a nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous punch, and at the same time gives microorganisms in the soil, something to munch on. This makes the entire ecosystem happy. As for the fishy smell, it's not as bad as you think.

2.Compost can enrich your soil in numerous ways. If you are planting a new lawn, or reseeding an existing one, add compost while you have direct access to the soil. If you are reseeding a patchy area and don't want to dig up what grass you have, place a thin layer of compost on top of existing grass, as a top-dressing to feed both your lawn and protect new seeds.

3.Compost tea: If you have a mature lawn, you aren't going to dig it up to add compost to the soil, but you can still make use of it. Compost tea is the liquid extract of compost; it has just as many nutrients as the packet lawn feed!
For your lawn to thrive, it needs nutrients. The chemical nutrients you buy in a bag of lawn fertilizer from the garden center are not the only option. Go natural: It's good for your lawn and your wallet !!

Answered 2nd Aug 2011

Mulberry Cottage Gardens

Member since 4 Oct 2010

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