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Can you install new lights without having access to the top of the ceiling?

Hi, we would like to install new lights in our kitchen but there's no access to the ceiling from the loft. Is there a way of doing it from the 'bottom'? Our electrician said it's not possible if he doesn't have loft access from the top of the ceiling and he can't do it from the bottom as there is an insulation wool that would be an obstacle when feeding the 'rod'.



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It would be possible but would mean cutting holes out in order to get access between joists etc also the insulation may be an issue as you wouldn't necessarily be able to push the rods from point to point .

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Answered 13th Jun 2014

If you want to add additional lighting points in any room, then the easiest way is to lift the floorboards or access the roof voids from above, as this minimises the disturbance to the ceiling structure and decoration.

It is possible to install cables from the underside, but its generally frowned upon as an installation method as the cables end up being just millimetres below the finished plaster in places, plus the ceiling has to be "laced" with holes to enable the cables to be threaded through. This means that quite a bit of damage is done to the ceiling and that it needs replastering or even re-boarding.

The issue is the ceiling joists that act as barriers when trying to push cables and draw rods into the void. Maybe worth pulling the complete ceiling down, installing all the new cables properly and then re-plasterboarding and re-skimming with new plaster? - will end up being a nicer and safer installation albeit a more messy and costly job.


Answered 15th Jun 2014

Anything is doable but as NRG states you're going to have to cut holes in the ceiling, it will probably cost you more too than a standard job.

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Answered 15th Jun 2014

It is possible to do this job. He would need to locate joists and which way they are running and cut holes in the ceiling to pass the cable between the joists. A plasterer will then fill these back to new. The insulation would be an issue but he should manage to pass the rods through it. Post the job on here and get another electricians opinion on it.


Answered 15th Jun 2014

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