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can i get ceiling lights in hallway & entrance vestibule without damaging ceiling and with no access to property above?

I need to get ceiling lights to my hallway and entrance vestibule however the walls are concrete, the celings have 100+ year old cornicing and ceiling roses (which I do not wish to damage) and I do not have access to the property above. Second floor flat with property above. Any ideas!?

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There might be slight damage as with any work no matter how hard you try but anything can be done.


Answered 27th Jul 2011

you might get lucky and the joists between your ceiling and the floor above are running the same direction as your could buy some fish rods from your local wholesaler and get the cable along the hall that way. Plan B if the joists dont run with your hall is to fish the cable between each joist in the ceiling and cut small channels in the ceiling so the cable can pass under the joists as you go. some filler and a bit of rubbing down will be needed.


Answered 27th Jul 2011

you could do this would really depend on the way your floor or ceiling joist run ,


Answered 27th Jul 2011

I have in the past managed this type of installation.

Essentially if you imagine the coving, it will not fit directly back to the corner of the wall/ ceiling.

There will be a gap formed where it may be possible to run the cabling.

I .E. Chase out the wall just beneath the coving and continue chasing into the wall, behind the coving. This will take some time and patience !

This will enable you to pass the cables behind the coving and over the beams, pop them down again in line with the light fittings and then feed along the length of the joist.

This may be possible.

Kind Regards,

Adrian Hagger


Answered 27th Jul 2011

you forgot to mention whether you need a new a new switch line.


Answered 28th Jul 2011

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