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What is the best treatment for badly blown/spalling red brick walls

We have a 1923 end of terrace house with single cavity walls. At some point in the past the lower half has been partially rendered and damp proofed but we are now seeing signs of damp on the wall of the 2 bedrooms that are on the gable end wall. Should we have the wall coated with a water resistant treatment, as suggested by one builder or should we have it rendered? Or what is the best treatment?

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my advice to you would be check out first to see if this is not condensation as now the wall has been sealed it mite be a case of just air bricks are needed
Hope this helps
Mr Keith Cooper for ROOFco


Answered 13th Jun 2014

I would say it depends on how many bricks have spalled.It costs approx £5 to replace a brick so if its viable to replace blown ones then have the property re-pointed and treated with a cream to stop further water penetration that would be the my advice.


Answered 13th Jun 2014

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