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Is a wireless alarm system better than a wired system?


I'm looking to replace my old wired alarm system (works with the phonelines) with a new wireless system (it takes a SIM card). Is one better than the other? Cost wise its cheaper to just buy and fit a wireless system but which one works better?

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Hardwired systems and good 2 way wireless systems are reliable.

However in general terms hardwired has potentially fewer issues than wireless, signal jamming, lost signal from a device, regular battery replacements etc.

With respect to hard wired or wireless communications which appears to be the issue you raise, I prefer GSM (sim) or ip over the phone line diallers.

IP systems are fast and can usually provide more information quickly and may have an app so you can look into what is going on like Agility 3, Light Sys, Premier Elite, Pyronix Enforcer and many others,

The reason being is you alarm panel powers the gsm module so as long as your gsm is on and has a signal you can get an alarm notification.

You can't cut a gsm module without being inside the property, you can cut the wires to a phone line whilst outside the property. Having an ip based system is quicker and cheaper, however when this uses cable or a phone line they may be cut from outside.

GSM modules tend to be more expensive to buy than ip or phone diallers but cheaper to run than phone diallers as sending a text from a sim card is usually cheaper than sending a text from a phone dialler or playing a recorded message.

However I know of areas that I cover where the gsm signal is very poor and the unit may not function at times, so its a balance and if at all possible more than 1 communication product (dual path) should be considered.

Anyone quoting you for a wireless alarm system, should do a survey to prove that the system will work in your home as is, including gsm signal strength.


Answered 28th Jun 2015

There are 3 types of systems you can consider when replacing your alarm 1 being hard wired, 2 being wire free and the 3rd being hybrid which is both combined. This is particularly good for using your existing detectors but don't want to run cables to a new extension for example so detectors in this area can be wire free. Most professional grade 2 wire free systems are fairly stable provided the survey has taken all factors into consideration. I have used the Visonic range over the past several years and never had any issues with them, my customers find them easy to operate and like the fact you can control them from your mobile phone or app. The professional systems in use now have batteries that last several years and are very reliable however the diy kits available in diy outlets isn't something that a professional installer would install in their garden shed.


Answered 6th May 2016

Wired is always more reliable than wireless.


Answered 11th Jun 2014

Hard wired every time.


Answered 12th Jun 2014

Every electrical alarm product who has wired system are more reliable than wireless because:
1. possibility lost a signal;
2. signal strength can decries by wall or ceiling;
3. time to time need to check does system work and paired if system consists more than 1 device


Answered 12th Jun 2014

They both have pros and cons but wireless is easier and quicker to install with less mess also which is a big bonus I use hkc wireless alarms which are very smart good and reliable and can be set and unset via Android app or iOS app plus not to expensive but also not cheap and nasty like some other systems out there I can install a hkc with 2x door contact & 3x pirs and bell and configure the phone and alarm in just a Couple of hours highly recommended hkc they are easy to use and user friendly


Answered 14th Nov 2019

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