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Lead flashing

I have a small amount of damp in my front bedroom. This appeared to be near where the downpipe is, And only seems to be wet when there is heavy rain. however when checking guttering that all seems to be okay. Could it be because there is no Leadflashing on the roof?
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also check the down pipe is not blocked which may cause overflow during heavy rain,you can check for blockages in the down-pipe by dropping a lemon into it and seeing if it drops out of the bottom,


Answered 4th Aug 2011

It's possible that the lack of flashing is the cause of the dampness if the cement fillets are defective. It is also worth checking the pointing in the general area and also that the felt under your slates or tiles lays properly into the guttert preventing rainwater running down the wall, you can tell if this is the case by looking up from underneath where the gutter meets the roof. If you can see daylight this is likely to be the cause. This is a common problem when the traditional roofing felt disintegrates with age.

As I'm sure you are aware it's difficult to accurately determin the cause of the leak without a free site visit.
I hope this is of some help.

Kay Dee Roofing


Answered 26th Jul 2011

Depending on where the lead flashing is missing, for example is it in line with the occasional leak? is the roof felted? if it is then rainwater could arguably entering the roof from a number of places and only showing near the downpipe because it will travel down the felt and drop through where the felt has a weakness. Sarking felt was commonly used 20 years or so ago as opposed to the newer felt's which do not decay. A common problem where this is the case is the felt decaying at the eaves of the roof where formerly it went into the gutter.
Our company will be happy to perform a site survey with no obligation to ascertain the route of the problem and provide you with a quotation and advice on how best to rectify the situation.

Steve Morley
B & S Roofing


Answered 4th Aug 2011

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