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Upvc door hinge removal

I have a door that has gone out of alignment because the upper hinge is coming away from the frame. The frame side of the hinge has an upper and lower cross head screw adjuster and an allen key half way between the two. I need to separate the the two halves of the hinge to gain access to the screws that have worked their way out. How do you do this??

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if the allen key is a 2mm/2.5mm
It's a security screw for the hinge pin.
But hard to say for definite with out seeing a picture.
have a look at the top of each hinge, to see if there's a domed (normally brass) pin. If so get a flat head screw driver and pop the pin out, you may have to take all the hinge pins out and remove the sash before you can get to the screws. Which will need replacing with some larger threaded ones normally 4.8mm.



Answered 5th Jun 2014

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