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Fitting a new unit into (non square) stonework

I am having most windows professionally replaced in my house but just couldn't afford the bathroom window to be done so have decided to do this myself. I am a very competent diy'er but have not attempted any window work before.

Here is my problem/question,

The previous window was an old wood window with one pane, [<] opener (which I plan on replacing with a like for like PVC-U window).

I have removed it to measure properly and have come across a problem. There is a concrete sil in good condition and a lintel at the top, however, the sides are just the large stone brick/boulder which are not plumb or flat.

Ps. I don't think the window opening is original with the house (1890's) build.

The wooden window was packed in from the sides with newspaper and so the window didn't fall out of the opening into the garden, the outside had a mix of mortar on the sides, bottom and sil and a piece of wood at the top.

My question is what would be the correct way to install a new window into this opening.

Construct a wooden frame first? (What about rotting and how would it look/be weather tight from the outside?)

Fix the frame to the stone and fill the gaps with expanding foam? ( would you then use beading strips on the outside of the window to cover the foam?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Additional info.

This is a bathroom window on the first floor overlooking the garden.

Window size is aprox 600mm wide by 900mm high.

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It's called sat in check I believe.
There's a couple of ways to do it.
1 galvanized fixing straps screw to the side of the frame, then to the internal stone face. Foaming around the frame. Or screw some 3x2 to either side of the rebate.
Make sure if outward opening, the sash will clear the stone work.
Or install a tilt & turn as they open inwards. Pretty much what you said :)


Answered 5th Jun 2014

Lee you're correct, I would follow the first answer.
Kind regards
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Answered 14th Jun 2014

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