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Does the sun damage the double glazing causing condensation in between glass ?

All the windows at the front of my house need replacing where the sun shines through, but at my parents house, they have the same issue with the windows that spend most of the day in direct sunlight. Is it a design flaw?

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Yes. 80% of the glass I replace is from a south facing window.
But there are other factors like standing water in the rebates ect.


Answered 5th Jun 2014

I don't think its the sun light. when double glassed is manufactured they use some sort of gas to expel the air between glass units before the actual seal is in place, in my opinion the seal around the unit has gone. very common problem.


Answered 4th Jun 2014

Hi, Sunlight wont cause this problem. I suspect that the seals have broken down. This is a common problem with units as they get older but they can be replaced without having to renew the complete window unit.


Answered 5th Jun 2014

Unfortunately double glazing doesn't last forever and only has a life span on around 20 years.
But the comments I've read are correct about the glass maybe sitting in water. To solve the problem to get the double glazing replaced but maybe if you do get the sun everyday on the glass it might be worth getting a price on a glass called "antisun" this glass has a tint to it and I also have it in my house.
If u need a site visit just let me know.
Kind regards
Colourglass & glazing


Answered 14th Jun 2014

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