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Victorian sash windows

We would like to double glazing our sash windows.
Please could you advise whether it is 'sensible' to retain the wood on the inside & UPVC & double glaze the remainder?
We are trying to retain the inside simply to prevent any damage to the plasterwork & due to the window frame being in good condition!

Any advice/ suggestions appreciated & whether it's best to keep it all wood or all UPVC?? Inside & out!

Kind regards

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you can get stepped double glazed units for your existing sash windows, but they need to be rebalanced at the same time for the extra weight.
I've seen quiet a few houses that have had upvc fitted into the timber box sash frame work,
It always looks a mess in my opinion.
You could re-do it all in upvc vertical sliders or there's a brilliant company called Glyngarry that do timber sash windows.
Hope this helps.


Answered 29th May 2014

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